Assistant to the Director • Writer • Teacher

Wenona Kimbro is a writer, visual artist, and researcher who has lived in Oregon all her life. She holds an MFA in fiction writing from Pacific University, with an undergraduate background in applied linguistics, painting, and creative writing. In addition to her work in fiction, Wenona also writes creative nonfiction and poetry, frequently inhabiting the space between genres and indulging in melodrama as a means of framing extremes of human experience. She is especially interested in art that deeply examines physical discomfort, isolation, and shame, and examines these states in her own work as pathways to an unexpected, deeper intimacy with the body.


Ron buckner

Volunteer: Electrical Technician

Ron Buckner, a native central coast Californian, graduated from Cali Poly San Luis Obispo in Liberal Arts. He soon gravitated towards construction, and retired after maintaining his own business as an electrician for 35 years. Ron has resided in Portland for the past 13 years, and recently enrolled in drama and lighting classes at PCC. He worked on props for a student play and lighting for a student dance performance. During his free time, Ron likes to work on his house and garden, fix cars and other mechanical devices, go out dancing, and do volunteer work.

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A. molotkov

Poetry Curator

A. Molotkov writes existential humanistic poetry and prose and believes in the human spirit. He is the author of Synonyms of Silence and two prior poetry collections. He co-edits The Inflectionist Review. Please visit him at



Performance Art Curator

Pepper Pepper is a multidisciplinary performance maker, video artist, drag entertainer and choreographer looking to create and sustain queer strategies for resilience, presence and transformation.

the honorable feline — sir tum-tum

Palace Guard & Counselor

Sir Tum-Tum regularly checks out the perimeter, and is always available for non-verbal advice.