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Developmental Movement Patterns/Exploring the Feminine Archetype

** exploring the language of performance **

FACILITATOR: Anet Margot Ris (aka Ris-Kelman)
WHERE: The Tiny Theater PDX
If you have not attended a class at The Tiny Theater PDX, please contact the instructor for the exact address.

WHEN: Saturdays starting Jan. 6 through May 26. 
Possible break on February 17 and/or 24. More details on that early in 2018.

Maximum Participants: 7

Suggested Donation: $10-$20 sliding scale

To Register and for More Info:

Drop in OK. 

Please Bring: water bottle, clothing layers, writing pad, optional: picture of archetype to work with (pictures will be available)

Our natural body is both rooted in our place in the evolutionary development of life on this planet and in a participation on a spiritual journey.

In the first part of this ‘lab’ we will consciously engage and practice the Developmental Movement Patterns that the human body experiences from the time it is a foetus to mobilizing on 2 legs, including the activation of the corresponding endocrine glands. This facilitates more natural ease and a greater range of movement, as well as increased vitality. The practice evolved from the Developmental Movement work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

In the 2nd half, each participant will explore a feminine archetype (this could be a figure from the Tarot, Greco-Roman, Indian, Chinese, African, … pantheons). To break free from our limiting assumptions about these archetypes we will build their physical Character/State-of-Being/Essence using arbitrary selections from a variety of categories (i.e. the Elements, inner pulse, Psychological Actions, etc). We will then play with these in The Space, with The Language of Performance.

This work brings awareness, organic embodiment, depth, and range to any performer of any gender.

Anet Margot Ris (aka Ris-Kelman) has been exploring the nature of being, and how it expresses in the human body/mind/psyche for most of her adult life. Her teaching draws upon her study and practice of many different dance forms, Body-Mind Centering, Laban, Yoga, Tai Chi, ‘kelmanworks’, Michael Chekov’s work, clowning, the shamanic practice of The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, video art . . . She has an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, and a BFA from New York University. She has danced with Daniel Nagrin’s Workgroup and The Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble, among others, and created her own body of (website open while under construction)

What students have said about Anet’s teaching:
• Anet’s teaching is brilliant, in a quiet, highly focused and clear way. • Anet is amazingly talented, impassioned, and compassionate in her teaching approach. Check this out! • The class was always energizing, fun and full of surprises. • Anet’s teaching is full of wonder.• Anet is wonderfully direct and present. • I enjoyed this workshop so much. I learned that you can still be spontaneous when following forms. • Anet’s observational skills and her concern for her student’s authenticity in performance are something you don’t find everyday. She sees what is happening so quickly and her insights are so valuable